Style Desires Johnny Depp When Down From the Plane
on 01/11/2018

Men in the modern era are mostly well-dressed with elegant touches. The appearance of such men always succeeded in boosting their good looks. Maybe, the only man who still looks attractive in shabby clothes is Johnny Depp.

The 51-year-old actor always has his own charm despite appearing with a cool style. Like when getting off the plane at the airport in Brisbane, Australia,

Johnny was seen using a black leather jacket with a faded color.

The rock n roll themed style is paired with a light blue denim shirt. However, the bottom of the shirt looks torn. To further support his style, the Amber Heard’s husband’s shirt was pinned using a pin at the bottom. The style of the day is stacked three layers, the most basic clothes are black with matching jeans.

Wherever he goes, Johnny has never been separated from accessories. That day, he wore an amber necklace with

Baltic Proud and sunglasses. You can see that his hands are covered with red cloth. Apparently, the cloth is not only an accessory, but also as a closing wound that occurred when he filmed the latest ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ film.

Johnny’s unique style took him to become the winner of the Fashion Icon Award in 2012. Vanessa Paradis’s former life partner was considered to have an eccentric fashion style and at that time he became the first male fashion icon in the award.

When he arrived in Australia, Johnny wasn’t alone. He was accompanied by his wife whom he had just married two months. In line with Johnny, Amber is also casual in style with a white shirt and high-waist stylish jeans.

Marriage of a couple who has a considerable age difference (Amber 22 years younger than Johnny) took place secretly at the actor’s house in Hollywood. Five days later, Johnny again celebrated their wedding at the Bahamas.