Top 1920s Fashion Items for Women to Have Flapper Look

One of the great ways to stand out from the rest in themed event is going for a decade dressing. And, when it comes to decade dressing, the 1920s was really notable as the fashion in this era was completely distinctive. If you have decided to go back to the 1920s for any reason, check out the top 1920s fashion items to implement in your flapper dressing.

#1: Knee-length Skirts

Knee length skirts were in vogue during this era. Women were seen with skirts that dropped at the knees or slightly below the knee. Also, a lot of women in this era typically went for knee-length or slightly below the knee knitted skirts. Knitted clothing such as knitted sweaters, knitted suits and other knitted clothing items were worn by women in the 1920s.

#2: Feathered and Fringed Fashion Items

Also, the 1920s fashion items included things with feather and fringes. For instance, a lot of women wore feathered hats and clothing fashion items that typically featured fringes.

#3: Sleeveless Shirts and Dresses

Going for a vintage sleeveless dress or shirt is a great way to look like a flapper woman. If you are going for a sleeveless shirt, you should pair it with a slightly-below the knee skirt, preferably tucked in. A sleeveless vintage dress that also drops on the knee or slightly below the knee will give you a 1920s look.

#4: Laced Clothing Items

Laced items such as shoulder-length hand gloves and laced hats were also popular fashion items back in the days. So, including this feature in you dressing can help accentuate your flapper appearance beautifully.
Remember, a flapper dressing without a flapper hair will be incomplete. So, go for bob hairdo to complete your 1920s fashion and look like a real flapper woman.